I will never regret installing Manjaro

Ever since I installed Manjaro on my old laptop, I loved it especially the GNOME edition. It is by far the best Linux distro that I have used for a few of reasons.

  1. I like Arch but I don’t like dealing with updates that break my system unlike Manjaro

  2. Manjaro is a well-built distro, rock stable and just the look and feel of it is 10/10, I might ditch Windows in the near future and use Manjaro

  3. Uses minimal system resources while still being elegant and easy to use

  4. Games like Minecraft (the only game I play) actually runs better on Manjaro than on Windows 10 which is the opposite of what others say about Linux being bad for gaming.

  5. Access hundreds and thousands of software through AUR

This is just my opinion about Manjaro. Everyone has their own opinion so others may agree or disagree about this.