I want to propose a keyboard layout variant (XKB)

It’s time that I use my own layout, changed at /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols for Esperanto language, as the layouts that come from the repos are not the most used ones. However, each time XKB is updated from the repos, I need to change the file by hand.

So my proposal is to add the variant I created to the official XKB layouts. For this, I’m willing to get in touch with whoever I need. My real desire is my layout being added to the Manjaro repos, but if it must be added to XKB for this, I would get in touch with them.

Could someone help me contact the right people for this?

Thanks, I already posted there: Propose for new variant on Esperanto (epo) (#288) · Issues · xkbdesc / xkeyboard-config