I want to move Manjaro to a new drive

Can I plug the new drive into USB in a Ext. enclosure & use GParted to copy the partitions over?

It’s not that simple. You’ll also have to reinstall the boot loader, and if you clone a partition, then the clone will have the same UUID and (if applicable) LABEL. So you’ll have to modify those, or else your system is going to keep on booting off of the original partitions on your internal drive.

You’re probably going to be easier off just installing the system on the external drive and copying over your /home.

Rescuezilla is an easy to use backup/restore solution.



I am going to plug the drive into the same SATA cable as this drive. It is a replacement not a addition.

Be carefull when copying btrfs-partitions :man_shrugging:

You can find good Information about Btrfs in the wiki

Nope, use CloneZilla instead. The system you’re moving must not be running to be able to fully access it, so a live CloneZilla session is the one to go.

Don’t have any BTRF partitions. Still though even if the drive will be plug in on the same cable, I shouldn’t use GParted just to copy & paste the partitions?

If you have a USB attachable SSD/HDD then copy all your personal folders to that, along with .Mozzila and .Thunderbird folders (or whatever folder is relevant to Email application).
Do a fresh install to the new media. Then copy all your saved files back to that.
KISS applies in these situations!

At the very least you’ll have UUID issues doing it that way. The best solutions are either back up your home folder and copy it to a fresh install or use something like clonezilla. You may be able to restore a timeshift backup over a fresh install but that may cause issues as well

So if I just copy home that sounds the easiest, I will just need to reinstall all my apps right? They actual app isn’t in home is it, just the settings? I will just timeshift Home.

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How does your partitioning look like ?

You should add a /boot and a /home partition.

To make it even more intransparent for him?

Did a timeshift of home, I will just restore that & be good right?

Yes , I would do a fresh install on the new drive and restore the /home directory.

So I did a timeshift of /home & more than that was backed up. Is there a way to get a list to paste here so I can be sure the right folder/files are backed up?

Timeshift works with rsync and then you can copy the data back.
You can also use rsync to backup the /home directory and write it to new disc.

I already backed .home up with timeshify it has /boot & /usr also, is that ok? I thought it would just get /home?

You can restore /home with timeshift.