I want to make a persistent USB

Thank u!!÷! I will try it. Now, I have a more pressing problem. I want to make a persistent USB. So, I tried Pac man mouse… No5hingm bien installed yay. Then I ran yay mouse. It asks me 1 2 3 or ^4. I don’t know what to put. I come from mint. I know nothinngbof yay. So. For me, installing something as easy as mouse. Impossible. In mint, I could install mouse and \ or its derivative s. Super easily because I knew the is. Manjaro has a super steep learning curve. Thank u guys so much for helping me. I have been up 5 days messing with this computer. I adore arch and manjaro. My system runs blazing fast and super stable! Thank u guys again for helping me learn. I literally tried every method online to install mkusb. I have 0 understanding of yay. Sometimes a script installs to my terminal with a blinking colon. It took me 4 bootscto figure out how to put a boot flag on my micro USB drive. I want to put a persistent Kali on my 64 gig micro USB mounted in a flat USB holder.

Please create a new topic for a different subject. I’ve done that for you. Perhaps type a little slower next time and check your post for typing and grammar errors. No one wants to read nonsensical ramble.


We have a persistent USB image:

Also see:

There’s no such package. I guess you meant mkusb

No you didn’t. It’s available in the AUR.


This is the Manjaro forum, we don’t support Kali.


No, I used yay to try and install mkusb. Ill try with yaourt as I do not know how to answer the questions in Yay. I need to watch some yay tutorials. But all that happens is a glowing script in my terminal with a flashing colon. I apologize for the poor grammar and spelling. This autocorrect is the bane of my existence. I’d like to sincerely thank you and everyone else who has taken the time to help me. I need to jump on XChat and follow along in there. Without XChat, I’d still be running Winblow$. Thank you again.

If you know how to install yaourt, you know how to install mkusb. If you know how to use yaourt, you know how to use yay.

FYI, yaourt is no longer in development, is insecure and is not supported.

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