I want to install python-pyqt4 4.12.3-5 from arch user repository

I don’t know how to install from aur.archlinux.org–packages
please help me.
I tried cloning but after that what to do, I don’t know

Hi @Ramanathan,

Easiest, in my opinion, is to use pamac. Specifically:

  1. Search for the package you’re looking for:
$ pamac search <package_name>

Where <package_name> is the name of the package you’re looking for, to see if it’s available. In this case python-pyqt4.


$ pamac search python-pyqt4
python-pyqt4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  4.12.3-5  AUR
A set of Python 3.x bindings for the Qt toolkit

So yes, it is available. Now we have to install is. To do so, since the package is in the AUR, we need to build it. So

pamac build python-pyqt4

And that should be all that’s necessary. It should install it, along with it’s dependencies. so you can try and use it.

Hope this helps!


Further reading:

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Thank you so munch

pamac build python-pyqt4

After this command, it shows some scripts running and it is going on. Can I know how much time it takes?

AFAIK if the scripts are running it’s being compiled. And depending on the size and complexity of what’s being compiled, as well as the PC which the software is being compiled on, this can take anywhere from a couple of seconds, too hours.

So in short, no, there’s no real way to know.

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