I want Gnome 40! Why doesn't Manjaro ship Gnome 40 Shell yet?

For the people using Gnome 40 with the PopOS shell. Check out Material Shell, which I think has Gnome 40 support already if I’m not mistaken. I don’t think Gnome 40 support is on System76’s radar for now sadly :thinking:

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Yep people tend to forget that Manjaro devs work in their free time and they are not being paid for it. They volunteer to work.

I also want gnome 40, but i have heard the devs reply that they want it with all stable extensions (pop shell) so that it retains its manjaro look. I totally agree with them so i am planning to switch to unstable branch ( manjaro unstable is Arch stable so how much can things break?). Why? because i respect devs time and i know that some people do not represent community (Same Happened on r/firefox on reddit recently)

Kudos to devs for their work!


I’m using GNOME 40 on testing branch (because I couldn’t wait anymore :P) and I have to say… that it is very stable for me, maybe because I don’t use Dash to dock anymore (i really think it’s not required in GNOME 40). Pop Shell works well for me… I didn’t notice anything weird or wrong. I understand the frustration of people that are patiently waiting, but I actually appreciate the fact that Manjaro developers are taking their time to test the environment and offer a curated experience to their “stable” users… Thank you very much for all your work!. To the more adventurous people, the testing branch is actually a very good comprimise and if you’re like ma and don’t actually care about some extension… please go on, you won’t be disappointed, i promise!

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I suspect that might be at least partly directed at me. I apologize if I’ve come across as toxic or overly critical. I perceived problems getting Gnome 40 into the stable branch, and suggested it might make things easier in the future if some of the nonessential stuff were jettisoned. Instead I’ve learned that nonessential is in the eye of the beholder and that a good many of you consider these things very essential indeed to your workflows. I retract my suggestion. No insult intended. Regards.


I wasn’t targeting you specifically. I just think people need to chill in this thread and others. The maintainers are doing all this work for free us to enjoy a free and stable OS and we need to accept that bumps in the road might take time. Also, I understand that perception =/= intention. Communicating in written word misses a lot of context, nuance and emotion. It is what it is. I just felt the need to put my opinion out there on the topic.

As a Gnome user, I’m also in favour of going the vanilla Gnome route tbh. I don’t use any extensions except for the pacman update indicator. That being said, I can understand where the delay is coming from.

First, i’m 100% agree with you…
Do you think that it could be to have two flavors of gnome on manjaro ? One vanilla gnome and another one Manjaro Gnome desktop ?
Antother thing i don’t understand : I’m using Manjaro since 3 years now and i think that is the first time it’s so long. Why it happens now ? Is it a gnome problem (more difficult to modify extensions) or a manjaro problem (too much extensions to support) ?

No updates in over a month? - #9 by denonom here I read that with a previous Gnome update it too also I bit longer to reach stable…

Hi guys,

as I see on the net, Gnome 40 will be available in Manjaro 21.1, see it.
I hope that it is true. Now, have you got an idea when Manjaro 21.1 will be released ?

What I regret is that we have not received any information/news about this topic from the Manjaro Gnome team. It was through the internet that I found the information. Too bad. I greatly appreciate the work of the Manjaro team (all versions combined), but the lack of communication is sometimes blatant.


Thats no new information, the article you link to is from end of may (31/05/2021 14:57).

Why shouldn’t it be?

There lies the rub.
It will be released, when Gnome 40 is ready methinks.

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Exactly, exactly when it’s ready. Not sooner, not later!

You’re asking the wrong guy tbh. I’m not a maintainer - just a user like the rest of us :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. I do think two flavours would be hard to maintain honestly.

Whatever the Manjaro Gnome maintainers decide on, I trust that decision. It’s clear they aren’t taking the next step to lightly. They are taking their time to make sure they have it right and I can absolutely respect that.

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@philm @Chrysostomus any news? Thanks!

Well, as we don’t know when Gnome 40 will be released in the stable branch and when the Manjaro 21.1 Gnome version will be available, I would like to know if I can use the unstable Gnome 40 ISO version for everyday. I installed it and make the last updates and I don’t encounter problems (of course for tests). Perhaps then could I switch to stable branch when it will be ready for Gnome 40 ? What do you thing about it ?

New issues with extensions seem to pop up. We have to see how to fix them. I rather also don’t like the situation we are currently in. Hope we have a solution soon …

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Depends of what you’re doing. But I’ve been in unstable for more than a year without issues (except my own tinkering).

I was rather KDE but now I’ve had Gnome as my daily driver for 1 or 2 months.

Everything’s fine and smooth. I don’t use a ton of extensions though.

Hi philm,

First, thanks for your reply.

Then, can you tell us more about the new issues and what extensions are in cause ?

What about the scheduling of Manjaro 21.1 ?

Finally, until Gnome 40 will be available in the stable branch or that Manjaro 21.1 be available, can I install the unstable development iso with Gnome 40, and then switch from the unstable branch to the testing branch in it ? Is it a good idea ?


You know you can change to testing branch now!


Yes I know, I made a search on the wiki. :wink:

Well, I switched from the unstable branch to the testing branch. I made the last updates and everything all right. All my extensions for Gnome 40 are still working. :slightly_smiling_face:

Note: I’m on Wayland.

It’s shipped! :partying_face: