I used 5.9 GB of ram and 750 mb of swap space to build windows 11 iso on my pi4b with two instances of chromium running

Oh my that was pretty hefty…

So why not build manjaro pi images on the pi? Why need an x86?

Probably for speed. Unless you want build a cluster.

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Kubernettes here I come. That’s why they call her leader of the pack vroom vroom. It’ll be a few months before I could do that.

Hahaha. I’ve got no use for one. If I needed some heavy hitting stuff I would turn on my main.

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My manjaro pi berry is my main

Did you build the iso for x86 or arm64?

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Arm64. So I can boot my pi with it. Just to tinker. Found instructions on the web for building it on the windows 11 64 bit x86 but there is included a Linux
.sh file that if you run it, tells you which Linux packages to install. You have to download chntpw or just Copt the pkgbld contents to anempty text file and rename it to pkgbld after editing it to change the source from https to http and addng ‘aarch64’ to the build types. After doing a makepkg -si and installing the other software it builds it in not to long from the pi. There’s a thread here in the forums about the chntpw thingy. I’ll try and install windows 11 today and see what gives. I’m told Bluetooth and WiFi aren’t working and sound over HDMI isn’t working either so you need Ethernet and and audio cable to get any kind of use out of it. So mainly its just for tinkering around with. Doubtful you’ll run wow for arm on it or anything like that if that’s your thing. I thought I would force unlock my phone with it that has no oem unlocker in dev options but I’m told it won’t work.

I tried the Windows for Arm ISO and it ran OK… but Windows is just not my thing. But I enjoy the exploits of others, keep us posted.

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Windows for arm seems to require the use of a preexisting windows PC which I don’t have. In the writing process imager for windows injects some files at the time of writing that imager for Linux does not have the options for. So while I can build the iso I can’t write it from linux.

There’s no virtualbox for arm?

This is kind of lengthy: worproject.ml/guides/how-to-install/from-other-os