I upgrade, I am told to reboot, but it won't reboot

Recently I had to reinstall Manjaro Linux.

I have installed Manjaro Linux on /dev/sda then, after I encountered problems with that installation I reinstalled it again on /dev/sdb using the option to install Manjaro on the whole disk. That gave me a 300MiB fat32 partition and a 446.83 GiB / partition.

I have since overwritten the /dev/sda Manjaro istallation, but would still like to see if I can make my second Manjaro installation work.

After my /dev/sdb installation was first installed it appeared to work, but only up until
I attempted to add packages. After I had installed the packages, I was told to reboot.

But as it tried to reboot, I got an initially encouraging messages about /dev/sdb2 being clean, but my computer did not proceed any further. It just hung with that message. (I previously had a similar problem on my /dev/sda installation of Linux.)

How can I diagnose that problem? If I had a workable Manjaro Linux system I would use journalctl.

Perhaps I can look it from Puppy Linux running off a flash drive?

However, the journalctl man page doesn’t show me how to use journalctl for a journal file other than for the Linux kernel that is currently running.

Hi @daggett,

You can boot into a live environment, chroot into said environment, and use journalctl there as usual.


This is a good thing.

It can be annoying, I know, but sometimes after that message, I don’t know why it does it, but sometimes after that message my computer also takes longer than most other times to shutdown. Don’t be over-huried. It clears away and continues afterwards.


For more information, see systemd-fsck boot message / Newbie Corner / Arch Linux Forums


First thing, i would try, if you can boot from an other hdd. It still can be, that you boot from your sda, but have your installation on sdb, plus grub there.
And second thing would be to ctrl-alt-F2-F6, if there is a terminal.

Like @Mirdarthos said it does happen, it’s happened to me a couple of times. It happened to me on yesterday’s testing branch update and my laptop just hung forever on cleaning. In the end I had to do a forced reboot but the laptop booted fine


BTW, I have (finally - my apologies) transcribed the message I get just before my computer hangs. It is:

Blockquote /dev/sdb2 clean, 394969/29286400 files, 6650750/117534936 blocks

I somehow doubt that this can help reveal what my problem is.

Like I said previously, and @sawdoctor confirmed, that is just a message that all is good, there is no problem.

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For some time I have got my Manjaro Linux system to work in a stable fashion. However, when I recently rebooted as I was told to after I had installed a few additional applications, my Computer failed to reboot, as has already happened to me on a number of previous occasions as described above.

I have posted the system.journal entries from when it failed to reboot to system.journal entries when my Manjaro Linux failed to reboot - Pastebin.com

Is anyone able to see from these system.journal entries. why my Manjaro Linux computer now can’t boot up?

If this data is insufficient to show the cause of my problem, could someone advise me of how to provide the necessary additional information, presumably by causing additional data to be written to /var/log/journal/1a…91c/system.journal ?

Thank you for you attention.

Hi @daggett,

Please open a new support thread, as this is a new problem.

Thank you, Mirthardos.

I have done so.

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