I tried to set input Language to Chinese, that didn't work but sporadically the output is in Chinese now

Manjaro KDE
I started to put my input into fcitx 5 for Chinese language input about 5 weeks ago and I didn’t get that far. If you look at my settings, at least as far as Manjaro keyboard settings, language packages, locale, and date and time, I’m generally all in English.

Under personalization, and regional settings, I have, under language, “Configure Plasma translations”, American English as the default and (traditional) Chinese as the second. For formats and spell check it is all USA English. And under input method it is “American English keyboard” for the first option (Note: while it says American English as the first option, it is written in Chinese) and the second option for the input method, the box says Fcitx 5, is “Rime” and nothing else, i believe Rime is often used for Chinese but I’m not too familiar with it.

So far I have not had any success using the Chinese input method, and in addition to that there are a lot of times in which part of the application menus or bash command line interface output comes out in Chinese, even though I only have Chinese as an input method and a secondary “translation” language.

Now people will probably tell me that I should have set up the keyboard input method better, for example, not used Fxitx 5 or Rime, okay, I get that. But what I can’t get my head about is why the interface seems to randomly pop into Chinese quite a bit even though I don’t believe I ever adjusted the settings to do that.