I think of an English name, someone can help me?



My Chinese name is 王恒峥,I think of an English name, someone can help me?


In my head I pronounce the second part like “Hang-Zang” which is pretty close to a common name “Hank”. Similarly the first part “Wang” has another counterpart- “Wayne”. Though Wayne is probably a little less common these days. But it gets bonus points for relating to Batman.


王is my family name 恒峥is my name
恒峥 王 for English …Wang


Why not just use your Chinese name, Or a transliterated one like “Wang Hengzheng” for others to address you.

I see no reason for non-English people to adopt English names.
I often laugh when I see names like Oxide Pang, Fish Leong and Coco Lee.

I wanted to suggest something like “Scrotum Lee”, “Vagina Tang” …

“Sum Ting Wong” would be better.


I do not want to be really laughed at
So I ask you
My family name use transliterated one “Wang”
"恒峥"if any English Word read like it for a name?


“Wang” seems fine.

As you know, we Chinese are addressed by our family names. Only relatives and very close friends call us by our given names.

An avatar name in forums like here is acceptable as well. You may want to use it. It can be anything you like and may not be connected to your real name. Your choice.

ps: I do not really insist you do not adopt English names. Just my personal opinion.
Call yourself whatever you like. George, David, Ritche…
just that I’ll have less respect but that shouldn’t matter to you.


“Hank” is good,but i do not like Zang.

Can i only use Hank Wang or Hank … Wang
and if “Hezekiah” can be used like “Hezekiah Wang”


In a siberian university language course I studied in, most asian students used russian names. I would have preferred to learn their real names, but they found it difficult that people had trouble pronouncing their names.

The choice is of course yours. I would use a simple transliteration at least for your family name. Wang Zheng sounds nice too. But I can’t read chinese so I can’t really say. Testing with Google translate pronounciation, latter part of 恒峥 sounds similar to John.


Wáng Héng Zhēng > Wag Han Tshun

Wang Han John > Han John Wang

This would be the closest and sounds even natural. And the force will be with you, Han :wink:


And that is my son’s name, in Chinese.


Good,I like it,I Will use it for my English name.
"Han John Wang"good and thank you!


‘John Wayne’ any better?..if you are looking for an English-sounding name, one of America’s national heroes wouldn’t be a bad start. :slight_smile:

Just FYI, trained probably a dozen summer worker Chinese students and I thought the practice of adopting English-sounding names abhorrent. If I have difficulty pronouncing your name, I can learn.



I wish there were some more education about Chinese phonetics and the language(s) in western media.
Most of my friends use their Chinese names in Germany (but using given name first and surname second), one out of ten maybe took a European name.
But I don’t oppose calling oneself a different name, it is a cultural phenomenon.


I kept using my finnish name in Siberia despite locals having no chance of pronouncing it (russian language lacks certain basic wovels and does not use double consonants. Still they get it better than english speakers).


In my office there are many people who have come from China. Many keep there Chinese names but not all. Those that use an English name do so because there names sound funny in English (like Yik). I have learned how to pronounce most of the Chinese names in what I hope is a reasonable approximation. Yours Chinese name should be fine.


They dont know what they are missing out on:


I actually like Chinese names they reflect a culture the west can never equal be proud of you name.


If your name has a meaning you can choose its equal in English.
Suppose if it means successful, then choose Victor.


If Google translate is accurate, Heng means constant. English names having the equivalent meaning: Constant or Constantine. Eric, which means constant ruler, is a more common name.

Again, according to Google, Zheng means excel or lofty. The most common English name I could find with similar meaning is Arthur, which means high or noble. Art would be a shorter form of the name.


Constantine Maximilian! "Greatest"
Unique, isn’t it?
Or Constant Noble!
I prefer a simple name like Jacky Chan, Don Zheng.