I think I have found the only thing I don't like with Manjaro (superficial stuff)

My only very minor beef with Manjaro is:

If you use the default theming, it basically impossible to find a wallpaper that fits with it that isn't disturbing, depressing, or both.
This particular shade of green is basically on present in wallpapers containing raining forests, raining streets, raining cityscapes, raining... rain, or Cthulhu wallpapers.

I like Cthulhu wallpapers!

The default wallpapers are quite nice though.


then don't there are plenty of alternatives :slight_smile:

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Some people just have nothing better to complain about. :man_shrugging:

Did this seriously rate it's own thread.


I told you this was a very minor gripe. :man_shrugging:

It reminds me of a kid who came to see an old Nissan I was selling privately once. His parents were going to buy it as his first car but he saw it was red and refused to even get in it. His parents were flabbergasted and very embarrassed. They told him to stop being pathetic, tried the car and bought it anyway :slight_smile:

Same scenario I guess, you may not like the way it looks but you like the way it handles


Hey, I'll live. I told you it was a very minor thing.
I have found tons of great wallpapers that matches the default theme but all of them are rainy fall images. So I will not use them now when it's finally summer here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Open Pamac and type wallpapers.

There is a couple of packages available created from the wallpaper threads in the forum.


Spoiled kid. SMH. If my kids would've done that, they'd have been walking fools.

LOL, I can just imagine that kid's reaction to my first car: '67 Plymouth Fury III.

Side note: 4 high schools in the area. The amount of BMW's, Mercedes, etc. in the parking lots just absolutely amazes me. Those damn car payments are more than my mortgage payment...not just no, but HELL NO!

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The recent green, e.g. on Papirus folders and matcha theme, appear to be less "radioactive" than the green that was previously used as Manjaro's signature colour.

Remember the shade used in the "Breath" wallpaper? That was painful on the eyes.

Although it was probably much more interesting than the current blah green.

On the other hand, who cares? Most users customise their desktop to their personal liking after installation.


Actually, I mean the wallpaper in the screenshot below. Not sure if it's the one called "breath".

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In a lot of countries Mercs are just used as taxies Here mercs are non existent and Toyota Yaris are taxis,

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Eat or die.

Eat what's there or die.

You don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

And as always you can never please everyone.

Friss oder stirb

Friss was da ist oder krepiere.

Einem Geschenktem Gaul schaut man nicht ins Maul.

Und wie immer, man kann es nie allen Recht machen.

But it's nice that we get to read this from time to time to time to time ...

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Yeah yeah.
Going back to Arc Dark and Numix Arc is getting boring, too. Not to mention Adapta-Eta-Nokto and Paper icons. It's my two go-tos since I started with Linux.

What is REALLY annoying me as we speak is that I just found a new amazing favorite icon theme: Zafiro. And it doesn't match ANY theme that works with Xfce that I have found. It is way too bright to work with light themes, and too dark to work with dark themes.

I see what you mean. Beside changing theme, you can also find appropriate images for the wallpaper or create/edit them yourself. They don't need to have the same colour to be pleasing, and some complementary hues don't seem depressing at all. You can play around with different palettes to find what you like (e.g. https://paletton.com/#uid=43c0u0krBvqhdGamnz6vjqqz4kP )

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Speaking of (thanks btw)... Anyone found a search engine where you can search for pictures based on hex color and not just a generic "red" or "green"?

For example this:

Or this:


Unsplash.com has lots of free pics you can use as wallpaper

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The fat lady at the all-you-can-eat buffet complaining that the food tastes bad and, besides, there isn't enough of it? :smiley:


Yep. :wink:

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Thought so.

First world problems...sigh.