I still don't get scaling with GTK & QT Apps

Hi folks. I’m still pretty new to Manjaro and to Linux generally. I love manjaro and usually have no issues whatsoever. But I still struggle to understand how to reconcile display settings on my 4k monitor.

My current settings:
I’m using XCFE
Windows Manager: I use the Default-xhdpi theme.
Appearance: I’ve set windows scaling to 2x.

This creates a pretty uniform window presentation on my desktop. However, the appearance of certain applications doesn’t follow the window scaling feature. The app I use frequently where this is an issue is GIMP. The window title and icon render properly, but the menu text and iconography in the app remains very small. I can manage, but it gets difficult after a while.

GIMP uses GTK+, so I’m pretty sure that’s my issue. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your attention.

I just solved my own issue by reference to this page, which has a specific section for GIMP.