I somehow messed up the windows on just about all programs, KDE



Alt+F3 should give you an option menu to enable window decoration again


Nothing happened when I pressed Alt + any Fkey.
Feels like something is wrong with the hole system.

Appreciated regardless.


Go to KDE System settings, section Appearance, Program-Style and change the window decoration (or reset to Default there):


Probably kwin crashed and not started again.
Press Alt+F2 or Alt+Space to activate krunner and run:

kwin_x11 --replace


Just reboot.


Changing apperance didn’t work.
kwin_x11 nothing happened.
The problem stays after reboot.

Any more ideas?

Thank you


Create a new user.

Is the issue present there too?


Yes same stuff, different wallpaper. :confused:


Does kwin_x11 give any error output when you run it from terminal?


Yes it does. Hope it’s the culprit, it says:

kwin_x11: /usr/lib/libinput.so.10: version `LIBINPUT_1.9’ not found (required by /usr/lib/libkwin.so.5)


What does

sudo updatedb && locate libinput.so

say? (updating the db might take some time)


It says:

sudo: updatedb: command not found


That’s weird… Please install mlocate via

sudo pacman -S mlocate

and retry.


$ sudo updatedb && locate libinput.so



Mhh, the file seems to be there, I fear, I’m out of ideas. Seems like some KDE specific problem and I’m Xfce user. :frowning:


Yeah I don’t know either, maybe I should just reinstall. :confused:

Well thank you for your time. :slight_smile:


I’m sure, there are other solutions. :wink: In worst case you could try using Compiz (package compiz-manjaro) which is a great window manager as well.


Check this.


Turned out it was the libinput guys(Photon in particular), I had somehow installed a really old version 1.9 when I should have had 10 something. Causing the window manager to fail completely.
I had to go to a archlinux “pro” at uni to get it right.

Thanks for your help everybody


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