I see around 700 notifications about manually closed threads

I see around 700 notifications about manually closed threads, is that some sort or mistake? Even some wiki posts got closed (just look at the contribution/tutorials, everything got closed…). Any reason?

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@linux-aarhus is doing some work. I dismissed all 700+ of them.

Same here, but with about 300 nofifications.

Someone hacked @linux-aarhus account and put script which close everything :stuck_out_tongue:

All of those seem to be over a year old. No need to remain in a pending state.
Also, check the Tracking settings for topics from now on, to avoid such mass of useless notifications … :joy:

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But many relevant threads got closed (I can see some already reopened by other moderators), why would all the threads in the contribution/tutorials be closed for example (replying for new adjustments like recently on this old one it is more than a year old but recently needed changes)? Also I see many not so old threads closed, usually if an old thread is still alive that means it is relevant (in some case it is just people digging old thread, in which case I understand the manual closing).

For the notification I track all threads I participate in, by default, so I’m not going to each thread I participated in to remove tracking. I want to know when there are replies.

It seems like there was no real thought about the closing, the whole forum was sorted by date, bulk selection, then closing all.

//EDIT: also the threads get automatically closed after a period of time of inactivity so I wonder why this decision, but whatever.


I posted this yesterday on our internal hub and yes topics has been bulk closed.

The rolling nature of Manjaro also makes old threads obsolete. When doing such cleaning it is difficult to judge what to keep and what to close.

If there is a topic that warrants a reopen - please let me know and I will reopen when I see the message.

Yours truly

Frede H.
Maintainer and Moderator.

No - my account uses two-factor login - there is only me to blame.

That is correct but some settings has not been applied retrospectively which is why older threads has been manually closed.

See it as a premptive approach to avoid necrobumping threads which has either not been solved or has been inactive for a long time.


I have been bulk closing all those old topics - and that proces may have closed a topic which you would have prefer open. E.g. development topic - a wiki topics or similar.

Please notify me or reopen the topic. Sorry for any inconvenience.

The initiative is to prevent old topics from being bumped by either a spammer or simply because one is too lazy to open a new one - or just ignorance and lack of etiquette.

The process is justified by the forum rules regarding necro-bump.

Topics older than 2021-12-31 has been closed.


Many topics with ongoing discussion have been closed. This is likely to discourage to participation in the Manjaro forum.


It has been done to avoid necro-bumps.

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Necrobumping. Oh I’ve seen a lot of them. And I’ve seen some post that have been Necroed. When the last post was few years ago.

If there is such topic that warrants a reopen - then let me know.

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to remove

I’ve reopened it.


:confused: hmm - unstable branch sync every day - several times - and as such unstable has changed more than 200 times since 2022-12-13.

That kind of change sort of obsoletes a 2 month old topic.

We always keep the last unstable announcement thread open for discussion. Occasionally Phil will create a new one if there’s some major changes or he’s bored.

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