I removed a kernel currently being used, is it a bad thing?

After the recent update, Manjaro identifies that the current kernel being used is unsupported (5.13.19-2). So I removed it through GUI and I got no warning before doing this. But looking at Manjaro Kernels - Manjaro, looks like removing a Kernel being used is not recommended. I have checked using mhwd-kernel -li and it still says that kernel 5.13.19-2 is still being used. The GUI interface does not allow me to change to the other kernel installed in my system which is linux510, that’s why I removed 5.13.19-2 thinking that it will automatically change to linux510.

you can install any kernel that is available
you can change to a different kernel at the time you are booting the system
if you chose to install it before
and then you can remove the “unsupported” one that is then not currently in use anymore

you cannot remove the currently running kernel

… it seems logical and kinda obvious to me …

You can remove a currently used kernel. Easiest is to open the kernel GUI interface. There is a remove button for the currently used kernel.

it’s not truly removed until reboot.

When you reboot you get to choose in grub menu the one (510) you want to switch to.
I suspect it is a good idea to install another before removing the current one.

Always a good idea to have two installed.
(i have 5.15 and 5.10)


YES​:mask:it is. :nerd_face:

You may have to hit the esc or shift key on reboot then choose advanced and pick the kernel you wish to boot into.

Well, that’s not very useful :wink:
I didn’t know it would let you do that.
But the GUI interface will let you do it, just like that, no questions asked.
The command line too mhwd-kernel will not let you do it.

Actually, there is the rmc option to do exactly that, but I have never used it myself.

$ mhwd-kernel --help

Usage: mhwd-kernel [option]
-h  --help              Show this help message
-i  --install           Install a new kernel        [kernel(s)] [optional: rmc = remove current kernel]
-l  --list              List all available kernels
-li --listinstalled     List installed kernels
-r  --remove            Remove a kernel             [kernel(s)]

… ah, three columns of output - I didn’t notice that because the line was wrapped around and my terminal not wide enough
This one takes a conscious effort to do.
But once you managed to remove it that way, it will refuse to reinstall it when you noticed your mistake and want to correct it.
One has to install a different kernel, reboot with it, and can then reinstall the previous one.

pacman will also happily and without warning oblige when asked to remove the kernel
but it will also let you reinstall the currently running kernel
which mhwd-kernel will refuse to do

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