I really, really like it still after many months of use!

I started using linux at home in the late 90's with Red hat 5.

I have since kept up to date with many varieties of linux since then, Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint, etc... But, after making Manjaro my daily driver now for many months I have to say hands down it is the best ever in my opinion and see no reason to switch over to any other flavor linux. I have updated my computer while running Manjaro, graphics card nvidia (first ever painless linux case) replaced with more powerful cpu chip ram memory and ethernet card (instantly recognized and usable). Love the Manjaro Gnome desktop. The work you guys are doing is superb and remarkable! Thank you!


Wow, your posts speaks to me.

It was the very late 90s for me...as in 1999. Spent my first decade distro-hopping but always going back to Debian Stable; but, of course, I'd always find a reason to use Testing or Sid and would end up breaking my system, reinstalling stable, oooh, a new, shiny feature, Testing or Sid, break, distro-hop, WTF am I looking at, reinstall Debian Stable, oooh, a new shiny feature... I think a lot of us understand that cycle and I really think that cycle is likely what brought a lot of us to Arch and then Manjaro.

Some time around 2008 or 2009 is when I found Arch and it became my new "Debian Stable", then I'd eventually do something dumb and break my system because, well, Arch is great at letting you shoot yourself in the foot (which made for good learning experiences). For a little bit I used Antergos, a year maybe, but their repos would lag behind Arch from time to time which resulted in, well, not good times. So back to Arch...

Then around 4 or 5 years ago I found Manjaro and for a couple of years it was perfect.

I used it daily for around 3 years until I got a new system, the one I'm on now funnily enough, and went back to Arch due to some changes in Manjaro I wasn't very happy with. Then systemd 240 came out. System wouldn't boot, no live disks handy, no recovery partition, no backup PC...but I'm a geek so I just used DriveDroid to load up a Manjaro Plasma session and I don't plan on ever looking back because Manjaro offers everything I want in a distribution. I knew that with Manjaro, being hit with bugs like that just (very likely) won't happen because it's really close to vanilla Arch with extra vetting on the stable repos.

But, back to that systemd comment, it was like I had flashbacks of that past cycle and I just don't want to have to do that anymore so I went back to Manjaro where I reinstall because I want to and I have a reason to, not because I have to -- like with GRUB picking up LUKS2 support, being able to LUKS2 the entire root is a good reason to reinstall because I don't like expanding and resizing and moving partitions.

If anyone is curious, I'm old-school and like doing things manually and I've broke stuff due to doing low-level crap The Arch Way instead of The Manjaro Way....aka....not using mhwd and some of the other "noob tools" :stuck_out_tongue: and just not paying very much attention upon new releases and system updates and not even realizing that there is a Manjaro Way for doing something now :blush:

Arch roots, extra stability vetting, officially supported desktops, and it's rolling so I don't really have to worry about new shiny features because I have them when they're ready; Manjaro is perfect and I'm even starting to learn to like the helpers as odd as that may sound.

OK, your post spoke a lot to me :smiley_cat:

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