I noticed a typo on the "How to search the forum" page

The very last sentence on the “How to search the forum” page reads:

“If looking for something very specific, you could…”

I think what the devs mean is:

“If you’re looking for something very specific, you could…”

Brand spankin’ new here…thought I’d give back since I noticed. :slight_smile:

Looks OK to me…I am an Aussie though. :shushing_face:

Stupid english language. Both ways are OK.


I concur that it’s fine and yes, stupid language.

jgn2112, it’s nice that you take an interest in such matters and if you do find something there’s a Meta Site Feedback tag to use next time :wink:


If we want to be really pedantic, here is not about a typo then. This is a “tipo” to typo as an example of typo.

looking for trouble ?” is as correct as “are you looking for trouble ?

That’s actually really good placeholder on Linux forum for a searchbox: “Looking for trouble?!” :laughing:

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At first I was thinking implied subject, but then settled on an ellipsis.

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Ah, was rather a dry joke from my part, as most of them are :slight_smile:

Yet better and probably with a more serious note:
Looking for a fix and can be imperative, or interrogative/exclamatory :smiley:

Yeah, sounds “square” to me :smile:

Not like it’s 90’s or something, but “Looking for a fix” can be taken very serious in some dark-web circles :alien: :rofl:

Hahaha … i feel more safe that we are not in the dark … :rofl:

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