I need to use Manjaro on USB all the time but I'm having difficulty as pacman is a rolling version

I want to use Manjaro from USB. I’ve been using it live from USB for a long time, but the updates started giving me problems. Can I permanently install Manjaro on my USB stick?

If the answer is yes, I would like resources on how to do it.


Yes. Install Manjaro on an Usb key like you can do for a SSD or a HD. Take a fast Usb key 3.0/3.1 (like the Sandisk ultra or Lexar Jump drive v100) of 32Gb/64Gb/128GB. On my usb key (32Gb), I created an EFI partition (FAT32) of 512mb with (boot/esp flags) and an EXT4 for the rest (root (/) partition). I created the partitions with Gparted. The efi partition have /boot/efi mount point.

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Hi @kejops, and welcome!

I know this is for LXDE, but I’m 100% sure it can be adjusted for other DEs as well, I’ve just never done it myself. Have a look at [root tip] Manjaro-To-Go LXDE with persistance

Hope this helps!

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As noted by @Mirdarthos the linked topic employs LXDE but you can install any DE you like.

LXDE has been chosen because it is light (based on Openbox window manager) and as such does not require extendend graphics but will work on nearly any available hardware.

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You need ALMA :sunglasses: