I need to specify a mirror to specific application

Hello every one
I use google chrome-beta for testing reasons for an institute in Sudan which was banned before from using USA products including googles, situation changed now, but still google servers for linux specifically are not changed, so the chrome-beta change or update almost every week, so what I do now is receive the notification , go to a mirror website for chrome like (195.xxx.xxx.xxx/google/chrome/beta) then download the .deb file , put it in yay cache folder, run yay again and update goes well.
My question is can I give yay a line on a config file to download chrome-beta directly from this mirror instead of doing it manually ??
please if this is posted on wrong place just inform me and I will repost in the correct forum!!

You can edit the PKGBUILD and change the URL in the source=() array. Use Yay’s --editmenu flag to prompt to edit the PKGBUILD during update / install. You can also set it to always ask using --answeredit true. See yay --help or man yay.

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This didn’t work … the PKGBUILD Refresh itself after I edit it!!

Did you save the PKGBUILD after editing? What command did you run? Use:

yay --editmenu -S google-chrome-beta

You can also download the PKGBUILD manually:

yay -G google-chrome-beta
cd google-chrome-beta

Edit the PKGBUILD then build it:

makepkg -si

when I used --editmenu it worked. but how to make it permanent!! like every week or every update

You’ll have to maintain your own PKGBUILD using the manual method above then. You’ll also want to add google-chrome-beta to IgnorePkg in /etc/pacman.conf as well so Yay doesn’t update it.

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