I need to download and run a couple TGZ files and have no idea what I am doing

Good day,
I have an old microcontroller, the BASIC Stamp from Parallax that I want to play around with… I think it’s proprietary and need to use their PBASIC editor. On their website are various downloads for Linux. I sort of zeroed on the TGZ PBASIC editor in parts 1 and 2. Seems like the right choice but I don’t know.
After downloading the two files, how do I get it to work? How do I merge them? why are there 2 parts?
Another option is to use Chrome, but google has never touched my computer and I don’t want to feel dirty. is there a way to use chrome without the rapiness?

Do you mean those? Part1 / Part 2
From the names, it seems they put a compiler in the first and libraries in the second. So they could be extracted as they are…

Though you’d have a more definitive response by contacting Parallax’ support instead.

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Heh. Are you absolutely sure about that?

Hint: if you are running a Linux kernel, don’t bother trying to argue.

Can you explain instead of condescending to me? I see your toxic, but toxicity hurts those you love, not just strangers on the internet.

Since google is a contributor to the linux kernel, the premise the google has not touched your computer could be debatable, is what @merlock is trying to convey. If you use adjectives like dirty and rapiness, expect others to call you out in it…

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Oh is that all? That’s only debatable if you really really want Google on my computer. :thinking:

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