I need to chose DE. Help me please


Ahahahah good point :smiley: But I dont want to use windows again. But yeah thats an advice too thanks !


Like for every DE, it is what you make out of it. I’d claim, my Xfce rather looks like OSX:


wait a minute… i had a windows 3.1 somewhere


I think you build your premises on faulty criticism, and i don’t want to sound rude or pretentious, but Enlightenment is as candy as candy can be and has many cool stuff under the hood that are not enabled by default, and has one of the lowest memory foot print as is a compositing window manager for the X Window System, not a DE.

Why would you need Nautilus in KDE Plasma? Also, did you think that might be simply a theme issue and not how GTK+ is implemented and works in KDE Plasma ? :slight_smile:
MyPaint, Gimp, Inkscape are the applications i use most, and never ever seen any odd thing happening in KDE Plasma while using them, and perform the same way in Gnome, XFCE and practically any solid DE out there.


It is not solid for me :smiley: x11 keeps tearing, wayland keeps flickering window borders…

Maybe I can try to rice xfce or mate :confused:


there is only one real de and that is kool de
every other thing is imaginary


Now we know what is the point :smiley:
Your post have wrong title it should be something like “intel graphics screen tearing Please Help”.


I tried everythink but tearing was only in firefox anyways its not a problem now


Yeah, i know your posts about tearing, but once again is, like i said, a very subjective, or if you prefer, a particular issue. I can work on any DE, but KDE Plasma gave me the possibility to set it up so is 100% as i want it and respects my workflow, not forcing me to adopt something else.


I personally use Deepin. Why? It matches my work flow right out of the box. While KDE was my first love, KDE 3.1, I have found that as I became older, and more crotchety, I do not want to spend time bending a DE to my will. Good luck and I hope you find a DE that works for you. That is the joy of Linux. We have choices and options!


Thanks for supporting :slight_smile:


So maybe stick with Mate. I spent with this DE pretty much time and I was happy with pros and cons.


These are my personal thoughts, I wanted to repeat…


Thanks for advice ! Mate and Kde are have really good pros. I will chose one :slight_smile:


I like eye candy too, nice looking and feeling UI.
In several distros I used, Elementary OS is my favourite, even in my old machine, it works very fine, be impressed it opens system config so quickly (gnome will take quite a while to load), pretty virtual desktop and windows preview, shadows, titlebar and many other.
Only issue is it’s based on Ubuntu, and don’t fit well with update pace of rolling release.


There is pantheon desktop in aur. I can give a shot!


You can’t have good experience with that. Only original one can.
Have tired Elementary spin of manjaro, or follow guide of arch wiki to install pantheon, but you only got a mixed UI.




Do you know there is a different, much more customizable menu that can be added to cinnamon? You can get rid of the default one and use the other one if that’s your only issue.

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This sort of thread always has the same responses.

There are multiple Manjaro installer editions for a reason. Download them. Try them. Pick the one you like best.

Or, fire up a VM and install all the DEs then pick the one you like.