I need some guidance with making my printer work(HP Laserjet 1018)

i plugged the printer and it got recognized.
when i try to print i get the following message:


and when i try to go through the setup,one of the steps is the following one:


so what should i install and from where?
is it hplip-plugin from the AUR, or foo2zjs, or try what i got in the pop-up(download from an HP authorized server)?

all cups services are installed and active.

Since the recommended option is selected, just click next, it should download the plug-in.

You can also find instructions here: HP Developers Portal | What is the HPLIP Binary Plug-In and How Do I Install It?

this option of downloading outside of the repository seems weird to me,
and I’ve seen people here having success with the two other packages i mentioned(but not this one),so i thought I’d ask first.

point No.5 is explaining it:

i saw what you wrote there,but i also so this:

so it appears to not be a good idea to download directly from HP.

That’s how I’ve been doing it for years. The printer is not needed for weeks, but then… printing works flawless, but the scanner will ask for plugin. Usually I choose direct download from HP. It has happened that the connection refused, then I visit the liked HP-site and download the matching plugin manually and select “local copy”.

Again: stable - testing - unstable are weeks apart. So are versions from time to time. Noobs see an AUR update >>> clic >>> think about that.

up to you

what version would i need from HP Developers Portal | Plugins ?
i see that i currently have this one provided by Manjaro

i just saw this page:

You haven’t read my post.
You will be asked to install a plugin.
If the automatic way don’t work (can take some minutes), then use the manuall way.

  • hplip-3.22.6-plugin.run

  • hplip-3.22.6-plugin.run.asc

matching plugin and verification.


For future fast access better store this link:

Hi @linub ,
I agree with both @ydar and @banjo.

I wonder whether you could post the output of the following terminal command, in order to verify you have the hp-laserjet_1018.ppd.gz available to install the printer.

ls /usr/share/ppd/HP/ | grep laserjet_1018

The directory above is the one whether you can search the ppd file.

Then, go to the the end of the following page:
HP Developers Portal | What is the HPLIP Binary Plug-In and How Do I Install It?

and follow the instructions.

Hope it help, regards

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Unless there is a Manjaro user which uses the specific printer - it may take some head-against-the-wall before you get it right

There’s quite a few suggestions around the globe

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trying the automatic way yielded an error about checksum or corrupted file.

i downloaded both

[it needs to match the HPLIP software version you have; you can see this in the ‘HP device manager’ under Help>About
also to download these files you need to right click on them and from the context menu choose “Save link as”,or it’ll just open in a new tab.]

then chose the Manual(Advanced)method and browsed to where i saved both those files,followed the instructions,it completed successfully and i was able to print.

it wasn’t obvious for me at first that the plugins are like the ‘guest additions in Virtualbox’ to the HPLIP software provided by Manjaro.

also i wasn’t to fond of having to put my password while installing this proprietary plugin.

Thanks everyone.

Hi @linub ,
Did you try to install the printer with the CUPS web interface, as @linux-aarhus suggests?

I think this is the best solution for you. You can find the steps to install the printer in the following post in Manjaro Wiki.
Printing - Manjaro

Hope it help, regards

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