I need help with Wi-Fi, “network has been disconnected”

Hi! I’m relatively new here, but I installed Manjaro on my thinkpad Lenovo t430 and it went well until i have to turn on my Wi-Fi, but I put in the password and it keeps telling me that the Network has been disconnected, it’s showing me some sort of circuit looking icon as the Wi-Fi symbol and it tries connecting but fails. I don’t know what to do atm as I haven’t set up the installer as it needs Wi-Fi, I’ll provide any info needed!

Hello @CrystalStudios and welcome :wink:

For more information, open a terminal and run this:

inxi -Nazy
journalctl --boot 0 --unit NetworkManager --no-pager

However, my wild guess is that the authentication failed and that’s because of WPA3 or a mix of WPA2+WPA3. Switch to WPA2 only on the Router.

I’ll try the router and get back asap, thank you for responding!!

The second option worked, thank you so much!

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