I need help with instructions on how to install leetmouse

im byond lost in what the instructions are and i feel silly about it :pensive:
can someone help me (sorry for being dumb but i really cant find any tutorials or help setting it up, litteraly all it shows up is how to disable mouse accel for windows)

the reason why i want this is because i use a costume mouse accel for gaming and regular use.

i hope someone can help me :point_right: :point_left:

From cursory reading
it tells you to run a specific script
which will create a PKGBUILD file
which is used to build the kernel module.

What is not explicitly mentioned is that there are prerequisites to be able to build packages
(see how to use the AUR …)

You need to have the base-devel package group installed
and in addition, since you are building a kernel module, you need the kernel headers and also the infrastructure to re-build these modules when a kernel changes.
This is DKMS - you need that one too.

do you know the commands of what to install to start?
im really new to linux

i installed the headers but i dont find the base-devel on my add or remove programs thingie

Yes I do.
But since there is a little more (slight understatement) to it than just copy/pasting commands,
namely: knowing what you are doing …
I’d rather not give you commands and then end up guiding you through the whole process.

Look up the Arch wiki - on how to use makepkg, on how to install and use dkms …


one exception:
sudo pacman -S base-devel
(install all of these)

on your

you activate AUR support

dont worry i know somewhat of what im doing but i just cant find where the base-devel file is located or found to install but is ok if you dont wanna explain the whole process, ty for helping me the bit that you did :purple_heart:

it’s not a file - it is a whole group of packages
collectively referred to by that name
needed to build (compile) software
see the previous comment

ok i just downloaded all of them tysm

just need to do the thing now

take your time
you may ask here when you get stuck

if you do, tell what you did, what you expected to achieve with it, and what you got instead
so others (including me) may be able to assist

With AUR packages you are generally on your own (in this forum) - and this one is not even in the AUR - although it might as well be, from what I read in the link you provided.

im genuinely clueless on what to do im reading this and it just scares the hell out of me.
id need someone in call with me to help in that case because idk how someone is expected to know this to switch to linux. how do you even learn this

… by doing :wink:
learning sometimes takes time

i really dont feel like spending the entire day learning this so i can finally use linux, im extremely tiered from the stupid hours my school makes me go through

You can (and are) already using linux.
Just not the pretty special mouse driver that you desire.

It may take a bit more than a day :wink:
depending on your level of genius, and dedication vs frustration seeming to have taken over

Dynamic Kernel Module Support - ArchWiki

makepkg - ArchWiki

… and here I am, starting to do what I said I would not …

i genuinely dont know what the instructions of leetmouse are asking me to do, im extremely lost

Alternatively, you could edit the standard configuration.

you download this thing from the website:
the green β€œCode” button top right β†’ Download zip

unzip the file - change into the directory you unpacked it to
and run:

This relies on you having dkms set up and working
and the kernel headers for all your installed kernels too

after the script ran successfully - it builds the kernel module you are after - you find the installable package in the directory named β€œpkg”
and can install it using:

sudo pacman -U pkg/build/leetmouse*.zst
(like the description on that website says)

I have played quake - a long time ago.
what is quake-live, I don’t know
what this driver is supposed to do for you, I don’t know
My normal mouse driver worked just fine.
… and you can adjust the acceleration - no special driver needed …

i got someone to help me in discord and i did it, pretty easy just needed a step by step guide to do it

I will not grant you that comment as a solution as you marked it. Either you indeed provide the how in your comment, so others will benefit from it, or else we can close the topic as is, but just that comment will not work as solution here.