I need help to restore the clock/network indicator/sound back to its default place

Hello, I have this strange problem.
I run Manjaro Linux 21.2.2
kernel 5.16.2-1 - (stable kernel came with an update in normal update channel)
Nvidia Quadro with Nvidia 470.xx driver
Dual monitor setup
i wanted to swap monitors to setup the proper primary and seconady display, i shut down the computer, then i swapped monitors on the video card, at first my panel disappeared, then i brought it back set it up on primary monitor as it should be but this is NOT the issue at hand.

the issue at hand and the one i need help with, is the group of icons Updates/clock/network indicator/audio control, came to left fight next to whiskers menu button.

before swapping the monitors, the clock/updates… group was in the right-hand end of the panel and liked it there.

The question is how to bring that group back in the right-hand end and to make it stay permanently there?

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Right click on each icon/plugin and select Move. Now you can drag it to the right side. This how the defaults look:


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this is how i want it to be. I will try your advice and give you feedback.

not working i think there is a panel space managing element missing.

The video shows the issue.
The video is NOT widely visible, only the people in the thread can see it.

That’s most probably a separator. Click on the blank area (on the right side) and move it to the left:

In case it not there then right click on the panel and add one, right click it and make it transparent and expand in properties and the above method.

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I tried your separator advice. it worked nicely. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:
The beer is on me :slight_smile:

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