I need help figuring out why my display doesn't sleep

My xfce Power Manager settings should cause my display to go blank after 10 minutes. But it does not. I’ve verified that presentation mode is off. Does anyone know where I might be able to find a log that would have info on why the display never sleeps?

what about caffeine and its settings?

caffeine isn’t installed on this system.

Well, I was able to resolve the issue via the GUI, and so now I think there might be an obscure bug in XFCE Power Manager.

When I looked at the Power Manager Settings, this is what appeared:


I realized that I never adjusted the “Blank After” top slider. It just always worked, so I never bothered. Well, I set it to 1 minute and waited. Boom. It worked fine. Then, I moved the slider back to 10 minutes. This is what the Settings window did:


Notice that the “Put to sleep after” slider is now at 11. It staggers automatically to 1 minute after the “Blank After” setting. In fact, the three sliders cascade by 1 minute once the sliders are moved:


So I think there was an obscure bug at play. All seems to be fine now.

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