I messed up my Nvidia drivers/ xorg.conf

I have read many posts about how to resolve the issues I have created for myself and none have helped.

When I boot to tty1 I get

/de/mapper/luks......... : clean ##/## files, #####/##### blocks

I know the issue is related to my xorg config and nvidia drivers but am pulling my hair out trying to find solutions.

I tried to create multiple x screens to enable me to set clocks for multiple GPUs. I messed up my xorg.conf one too many times and updated my nvidia drivers and can’t get sddm or X to launch.

I want to try to create a fresh xorg.conf in hopes that I can boot back into a GUI, or create a backup of important files and reinstall, but have no experience doing so from command line.

I would appreciate any help.

Delete the messed up /etc/X11/mhwd.d/nvidia.conf or do a backup of it from TTY, and when you reboot, use nomodeset

See detailed tutorial here:

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