I made this Logo for Arch Originally, but Now I Dedicate it to Manjaro!



I made a YouTube video showcasing how I made my artwork! I hope you enjoy and that the Manjaro forum is more lenient about off-site links than the Arch Forum! Please comment if you enjoy! It means a lot to me!


I’m sorry that it’s on Ubuntu. I just wasn’t on my Manjaro at the time!


I’m actually not satisfied with the XFCE manjaro icon in bottom right, so if admins are interested perhaps you can make new XFCE Manjaro icon?


Oh. That would be great! What do you want it to look like? I actually got bored with the KDE icon so I made a couple of my own if you want it. I have them in SVG file format. They are light blue and they look pretty neat. I also made a couple wallpapers to go along with the icon that has circuit board looking designs! Please let me know if that’s what you want or if you want something else!


This repository contains my custom Icons and wallpapers that I made! :wink:
This is how I used it:


Having several failed attempts at using Inkscape ( as a complete noob :slight_smile: ) under my belt, I found that video to be extremely interesting - to see the full process summarised like that.

Really nice logo. Slightly disappointed the ‘notches’ didn’t make it in though.


Yeah. I was going to put the notches in but it would have taken a lot of adjusting to make the notches work and to match the gradients correctly and I didn’t want to make people sit through that! I do agree that it would have looked nice though but at the same time I guess it makes my design a little unique… right! :smiley: