I learned something today

Good morning

So this morning I had a totally new experience, because my system booted to terminal (tty1) and not to my usual DE. I was half way through writing a thread about it when I suddenly remembered that I uninstalled gdm-prime because it has been flagged as out of date. Running Nvidia 450xx with prime, I thought for a second that prime was implemented into the driver, and because I didn’t reboot after the uninstallment, I didn’t notice any difference.
But boy-oh-boy was I surprised this morning! Fortunately I had yay installed and yay -S gdm-prime and a reboot got the DE working again.
This taught me not to be messing with graphical packages, even if they have been flagged out of date :laughing:

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You always gonna learn something good from bad experiences!!!



At least you remembered what you had done, and then reinstalled the gdm-prime. Most people do not bother to undo, what changes they make, less write down the changes they make. :crazy_face:


Yeah, I usually don’t write down my changes since Manjaro has been super stable for me. Much less of a hassle than Ubuntu and POP OS.
My heart did however take extra jump :laughing:

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Nope. The closest is #member-hub for TL2+. Really a post like this would fit better on Reddit.

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No problem.

I never use Reddit, don’t know why, just don’t.