I kinda hate money.

The recent debacle has made me think. I've read a chunk of posts trying to figure out what's going on, but this post is not about that.

I really like Manjaro. I think it's an awesome distro. I can't thank the people that keeps this alive enough - you guys and girls rock! I'm not just talking developers here but also the friendly, helpful user base. I love all of you!

I try to be helpful to, mainly by trying to be friendly and useful in the forums, but I've also donated a few times.

This is where things gets strange.

My reason behind donating is "This is great, love Manjaro, I hope my donation can help improve the project, maybe help fund some server hosting, maybe help the developers get better gear so they can compile faster or whatever they need, maybe I can even help some of them to quit their day jobs and get more time to focus on Manjaro or maybe I can fund a round of beers as a reward for a job well done?". I donate to help Manjaro thrive and improve.

I can't speak for other peoples reasons for donating, but in general I reckon that they donate to help improve Manjaro?

It seems completely bonkers to me that money donated to improve Manjaro might turn into a stumbling block that ends up being a disadvantage. Money between friends is always a slippery slope. I don't want to take sides in the current debacle, but it has already turned into harsh words and finger pointing, not only between the involved parties, but also in the general community, people who doesn't even have a stake in things are starting pointing fingers and bickering.

Guys, you're fighting over how money donated to make life easier is to be used, that's pretty insane. Who gets to control something that's supposed to make things better - really? Team members leaving or threatening to do so. Friendly forum users threatening to do the same. Over how money donated to help improve stuff gets to improve stuff? Really?

Which brings me back to the title of this post, I kinda hate money, even free money, because it has the ability to drive people apart. And before any of you say "Well, if you hate money, why don't you give me yours?" I'd say "Sorry, can't, won't want to add to the problem".. :wink:

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