I just installed and I have a couple questions about the mouse and keyboard

I’m trying to do 2 things:

1 - Make the mouse scroll when I click mouse 3 (middle mouse button). On windows, when I go to the bottom of a long page, I don’t need to scroll wheel up or click the scroll bar on the side, I can click mouse 3 and move the cursor up.

2 - I have a Razer Deathadder keyboard with macro buttons. I’d like to change some of them to shortcuts such as pause/play music, previous and next track, volume up and down, and toggle audio output.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


1 - Supposing you’re talking about web browsers:

2 - This should help:



That looks perfect, thank you! Autoscroll is exactly what I needed. The second, I have it installed, but I don’t know how to actually launch it to configure it. And ideas?

As described, it’s likely to be launched from the terminal.
sudo blackwidowcontrol -i

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