I installed Manjaro on my PC and it keeps showing flaws on the display

hello everyone, i have a big problem. I am new to the linux world and i have no experience with it, but as a result of some recommendations, I felt persuaded to join the Linux Manjaro family. But after installing version 21.0.2, I came across many flaws in the display of the Manjaro environment. Please help me to solve this problem, and stop all the glitching, because I am a very layman when it comes to linux OS. Thank’s.

Welcome to the forum! Please read the informative post linked below.

Thank’s for the reply, i was thinking it would take at least a week to get a response.

What should i do to get this information in Manjaro?

I think is this what you mean.

-My computer-
Processor Intel® Core™i5-2520M CPU @ 2.50GHz
Memory 3934MB (1593used)
Display Resolution 1366x766 pixels
OpenGL Renderer Mesa DRI Intel® HD Graphics 3000 (SNB GT2)
Session Display Server The X[DOT]org Foundation 1.20.11
Audio Adapter HDA-Intel - HDA Intel PCH

-Session Display-
Type : x11
Current Display Name : (Not Available)
-X Server-
Current Display Name : :0.0
Vendor : The X[DOT]Org Foundation
Version : 1.20.11
Release Number : 12011000
Screen 0 : 1366x768 pixels
-Outputs (XRandR)-
LVDS1 : Connected; 1366x768 pixels, offset (0, 0)
DP1 : Disconnected; Unused
HDMI1 : Disconnected; Unused
VGA1 : Disconnected; Unused
VIRTUAL1 : Disconnected; Unused
-OpenGL (GLX)-
Vendor : Intel Open Source Technology Center
Renderer : Mesa DRI Intel® HD Graphics 3000 (SNB GT2)
Direct Rendering : Yes
Version (Compatibility) : 3.0 Mesa 21.0.2
Shading Language Version (Compatibility) : 1.30
Version (Core) : 3.3 (Core Profile) Mesa 21.0.2
Shading Language Version (Core) : 3.30
Version (ES) : OpenGL ES 3.0 Mesa 21.0.2
Shading Language Version (ES) : OpenGL ES GLSL ES 3.00
GLX Version : 1.4

Kernel : Linux 5.11.14-1-MANJARO (x86_64)
Version : #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Apr 14 08:25:29 UTC 2021
C Library : GNU C Library / (GNU libc) 2.33
Distribution : Manjaro Linux

-kernel modules-
-Loaded Modules-
rfcomm : Bluetooth RFCOMM ver 1.11
squashfs : squashfs 4.0, a compressed read-only filesystem
cmac : CMAC keyed hash algorithm
bnep : Bluetooth BNEP ver 1.3
uvcvideo : USB Video Class driver
videobuf2_vmalloc : vmalloc memory handling routines for videobuf2
videobuf2_memops : common memory handling routines for videobuf2
videobuf2_v4l2 : Driver helper framework for Video for Linux 2
videobuf2_common : Media buffer core framework
videodev : Video4Linux2 core driver
btusb : Generic Bluetooth USB driver ver 0.8
btrtl : Bluetooth support for Realtek devices ver 0.1
mc : Device node registration for media drivers
btbcm : Bluetooth support for Broadcom devices ver 0.1
btintel : Bluetooth support for Intel devices ver 0.1
bluetooth : Bluetooth Core ver 2.22
ecdh_generic : ECDH generic algorithm
snd_hda_codec_hdmi : HDMI HD-audio codec
snd_hda_codec_idt : IDT/Sigmatel HD-audio codec
snd_hda_codec_generic : Generic HD-audio codec parser
ledtrig_audio : LED trigger for audio mute control
brcmsmac : Broadcom 802.11n wireless LAN driver.
intel_rapl_msr : Driver for Intel RAPL (Running Average Power Limit) control via MSR interface
intel_rapl_common : Intel Runtime Average Power Limit (RAPL) common code
brcmutil : Broadcom 802.11n wireless LAN driver utilities.
x86_pkg_temp_thermal : X86 PKG TEMP Thermal Driver
intel_powerclamp : Package Level C-state Idle Injection for Intel CPUs
b43 : Broadcom B43 wireless driver
coretemp : Intel Core temperature monitor
snd_hda_intel : Intel HDA driver
snd_intel_dspcfg : Intel DSP config driver
soundwire_intel : Intel Soundwire Master Driver
i915 : Intel Graphics
soundwire_generic_allocation : SoundWire Generic Bandwidth Allocation
cordic : CORDIC algorithm
mac80211 : IEEE 802.11 subsystem
soundwire_cadence : Cadence Soundwire Library
snd_hda_codec : HDA codec core
snd_hda_core : HD-audio bus
irqbypass : IRQ bypass manager utility module
cfg80211 : wireless configuration support
snd_hwdep : Hardware dependent layer
soundwire_bus : SoundWire bus
ssb : Sonics Silicon Backplane driver
pcmcia : PCMCIA Driver Services
snd_soc_core : ALSA SoC Core
crct10dif_pclmul : T10 DIF CRC calculation accelerated with PCLMULQDQ.
i2c_algo_bit : I2C-Bus bit-banging algorithm
drm_kms_helper : DRM KMS helper
ghash_clmulni_intel : GHASH hash function, accelerated by PCLMULQDQ-NI
snd_compress : ALSA Compressed offload framework
pcmcia_core : Linux Kernel Card Services
aesni_intel : Rijndael (AES) Cipher Algorithm, Intel AES-NI instructions optimized
cec : Device node registration for cec drivers
cryptd : Software async crypto daemon
tpm_infineon : Driver for Infineon TPM SLD 9630 TT 1.1 / SLB 9635 TT 1.2
snd_pcm : Midlevel PCM code for ALSA.
syscopyarea : Generic copyarea (sys-to-sys)
sysfillrect : Generic fill rectangle (sys-to-sys)
sysimgblt : 1-bit/8-bit to 1-32 bit color expansion (sys-to-sys)
tpm_tis : TPM Driver
iTCO_wdt : Intel TCO WatchDog Timer Driver
mousedev : Mouse (ExplorerPS/2) device interfaces
snd_timer : ALSA timer interface
mei_wdt : Device driver for Intel MEI iAMT watchdog
tpm_tis_core : TPM Driver
intel_pmc_bxt : Intel Broxton PMC driver
fb_sys_fops : Generic file read (fb in system RAM)
snd : Advanced Linux Sound Architecture driver for soundcards.
mei_hdcp : MEI HDCP
iTCO_vendor_support : Intel TCO Vendor Specific WatchDog Timer Driver Support
e1000e : Intel® PRO/1000 Network Driver
tpm : TPM Driver
soundcore : Core sound module
hp_wmi : HP laptop WMI hotkeys driver
sparse_keymap : Generic support for sparse keymaps
rfkill : RF switch support
mei_me : Intel® Management Engine Interface
joydev : Joystick device interfaces
wmi_bmof : WMI embedded Binary MOF driver
rng_core : H/W Random Number Generator (RNG) driver
mei : Intel® Management Engine Interface
psmouse : PS/2 mouse driver
bcma : Broadcom's specific AMBA driver
hp_accel : Glue between LIS3LV02Dx and HP ACPI BIOS and support for disk protection LED.
lpc_ich : LPC interface for Intel ICH
video : ACPI Video Driver
wmi : ACPI-WMI Mapping Driver
lis3lv02d : ST LIS3LV02Dx three-axis digital accelerometer driver
pcspkr : PC Speaker beeper driver
uinput : User level driver support for input subsystem
drm : DRM shared core routines
crypto_user : Crypto userspace configuration API
agpgart : AGP GART driver
fuse : Filesystem in Userspace
ip_tables : IPv4 packet filter
x_tables : {ip,ip6,arp,eb}_tables backend module
ext4 : Fourth Extended Filesystem
crc32c_generic : CRC32c (Castagnoli) calculations wrapper for lib/crc32c
crc16 : CRC16 calculations
mbcache : Meta block cache (for extended attributes)
ata_generic : low-level driver for generic ATA
pata_acpi : SCSI low-level driver for ATA in ACPI mode
usbhid : USB HID core driver
serio_raw : Raw serio driver
atkbd : AT and PS/2 keyboard driver
libps2 : PS/2 driver library
sdhci_pci : Secure Digital Host Controller Interface PCI driver
cqhci : Command Queue Host Controller Interface driver
crc32c_intel : CRC32c (Castagnoli) optimization using Intel Hardware.
sdhci : Secure Digital Host Controller Interface core driver
ata_piix : SCSI low-level driver for Intel PIIX/ICH ATA controllers
i8042 : i8042 keyboard and mouse controller driver
serio : Serio abstraction core