I installed Manjaro but after the installation when I try to boot into it I get a black screen

I installed Monjaro but after the installation when I try to boot into it I get a black screen

Have you tried waiting if i remember correctly it can take a few minutes at first
this also may help [Fix] System doesn’t boot, boots to a black screen, or stops at a message

Please try ctrl+alt+F2. That should (unless i dont remember the shortcut correctly, but it should be close) get you into a terminal aka a session without a graphical user interface. First try to do that.
And also, whats your computers hardware? What CPU? GPU? etc

a Ryzen 5 3600 CPU and AMD RX 5600XT

Very wierd then. Usuaally problems like that occur when you have an nvidia GPU. Did you manage to get into the terminal?

have to install it again.

Reinstalling and checking if your boot options/prioretes are good is a good idea

should i go for proprietary drivers or open source.

If you have AMD, no matter which drivers you will choose the Open Source will (or at least should be) chosen anyway because AMD has its drivers open sourced. But try with proprietary

if its suppose to be open sourced than im going with open source also i did them both before but they did not work

Could you please show me the exact order in which things happen? Does your BIOS post? Do you get a boot menu? Does it start booting and you just get a black screen? What exactly happens? Also please when it doesnt want to display anything try to start that nongrpahical console I mentioned from there we should be able to debug the situation

i do get a boot menu and i select Monjaro but it puts in a few lines of something and stops and then black screen with the flashing rectangle on the top left corner

Okay, then please try to get into that non graphical terminal I mentioned

got it no what?

it has my computer name and says login.

Okay, if u havent set any logins and paswds it should have the default “manjaro” login and def “manjaro” passwd. Try that. After that we will look at boot logs

i did put in a password in the setup so does that mean i should type in a password

i put in my user name but after i pressed enter it displays “password” but wont let me type it.

What do you mean by it doesn’t let you type it?

Did you try to type your password in and click “Enter”?

i type it out, does not display and when i press enter it says i got it wrong