I Installed game, and it used my disk space and is invisible [wine]

So This is related to my other issue but way bigger. Each Time I re ran the Installer in Wine It would eat up another chunk of diskspace and not show any files in the folder I installed it to, and kept happening till! I installed it to the default Wine directory. I dont know how to free up this hard drive space. Is there something I can do?

I’m not familiar with running installers under Wine, but i think this either:

  • installs files under a hidden directory
    • use Ctrl+H to show hidden files in your file manager
  • installs files elsewhere

Have you tried a disk usage tool?

Thank you for the response, I do have my hidden directories shown, since im poking around in ./steam ./wine ./local. It confuses me because everything I do to ./steam is copied to ./local but maybe the two just go to the same place.

I have been using the Disk usage display which has been a big help in getting some space cleared up. Well not a big help but Im just trying to get organized but things do not feel very organized. I wonder how many installs there actaully are.

HI @dr678diablo,

I am completely unfamiliar with STEAM, so don’t know any more than this. AFAIK STEAM installs everything somewhere in your home directory. So it should be easy to find. Dig into the biggest directories and delete the unnecessary files and/or directories. Check the size of the directories in you home directory by:

  1. Opening a terminal and running:
cd ~
  1. Run the following command to check which directorie(s) use the most space:
du --max-depth=1 --human-readable ~

You can then find the biggest directory, navigate into it with:

cd <directoryName>

Where <directoryName> is the name of the directory obtained in the previous step.

When you find the relevant/offending directorie(s) delete it with:

rm --recursive <objectToRemove>

Where, you guessed it, <objectToRemove> is the object identified you wish to delete.

Please note: I take no responsibility if you inadvertently delete something incorrectly.

Hope you manage!

Just checking: how do you set that folder when running the installer?

/home/USER/.steam/ is the Steam local folder, but inside it, many symlinks to /home/USER/.local/share/Steam/

[omano@omano-nvme ~]$ cd .steam/
[omano@omano-nvme .steam]$ ls -al # (sanitized to only see relevant symlinks)
bin -> /home/omano/.steam/bin32
bin32 -> /home/omano/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32
bin64 -> /home/omano/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_64
root -> /home/omano/.local/share/Steam
sdk32 -> /home/omano/.local/share/Steam/linux32
sdk64 -> /home/omano/.local/share/Steam/linux64
steam -> /home/omano/.local/share/Steam

//EDIT: on a side note, I love to use qdirstat to properly see what is taking place on my disks/folders visually, it is on the AUR.

@maycne.sonahoz the folder is set manually in the Windows like installer process.

@Mirdarthos Thank you for your deep set of instructions I appreciate it and will be going though it in a few moments.

@omano Thank you for the recommendation I will check it out, I want to just clean up and delete almost everything related to gaming except for Minecraft and maybe GBA emulators, and START OVER. Thats how I’m feeling right now.

Did you check


Hidden folder that wine defaults to (use to be, might not now as i have not used standard wine in a long time).

Yes there is an install there as well as an install in home/.steam and there probably is another install somewhere.

Have you tried a file search for the Game’s [game-name].exe file.

[game-name] whatever the game’s exe filename is.

Wow I did not expect to see so many There are 11 results

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I have deleted every folder that i could reach with the game installed and got some hard drive space back in return, Thank you to @TheReaperUK and @omano as well as @maycne.sonahoz and @Mirdarthos I will consider this problem closed and my mind enriched.

Since you don’t mention WINEPREFIX, if you always install under C:/, then all those installations you made should all be within ~/.wine.
This is about installing through Wine. Steam manages installation folders separately.

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