I have two ideas to make pacman work with btrfs-snap more UI friendly

Personally after trying pacman with btrfs-autosnap setup,
I have two ideads to make pacman work with btrfs-snap more UI friendly.

One is to add more noticiable warning before snap, like adding a bell notice
warning: nano-5.9-1 is up to date – reinstalling :bell:

The other is provide a new options to skip autosnap, like
:: Proceed with installation? [Y/n/yes-but-SKIP-autosnap] skip

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The thing is that btrfs/timeshift/snapper really has nothing to do with pacman.
(or manjaros pamac)
Its a bit outside of the scope of the package manager itself to handle this in my opinion.

In any case you are talking about an AUR package that adds this functionality.
So officially - Not Supported.
In any case its a simple pacman hook and bash script (from 2018) so you can modify it slightly if you wish.


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To their credit, we do have timeshift-autosnap-manjaro in our repositories, which have similar functionality and is installed by default.

I do concur though that, those being actually hooks to pacman/pamac, it is not to pacman/pamac to provide such option.

As i just mentioned today on another post, maybe having an option to the Manjaro installation for BTRFS installed in a secured way done to roll back when needed in the same spirit as what Linux Garuda does would reply to the question … that way it would let the choice if you want EXT4 or any other installation, choice being the aim of an open system.

Have you recently tried a Manjaro installation? This is already the case as far as I know.

yup, yesterday while reinstalling the machine where i tried Linux Garuda back to Manjaro KDE :slight_smile: but what i mean is something user friendly for guys knowing quite nothing about Linux and sufficiently explanatory for that target of users.

But Manjaro is not supposed to be a noob friendly distribution, for example people have to know how to manage changes in the system (.pacnew files for example, or configuration/changes). Currently it is really easy to setup, and the boot menu provides the previous system state restore point to boot on, I don’t know how that could be improved as it is currently already user friendly.