I have no sound when I connect an external microphone

When I connect an external microphone my laptop detect it as an audio exit (like if it was a headphone) but I can’t hear anything even when changing the audio exit in Plasma Settings.
Screenshot: https:// i.imgur .com/Xm0z1WA.png

The Pinebook or the Pinebook Pro?

Is it a USB microphone or an Analog one?

It’s a Lenovo G50-70 with an analog jack 3.5mm mic

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Thanks! and sorry for the inconvenience!

Is the microphone detected as an Input device and shown as plugged in ?

This laptop probably has one 3.5mm audio jack that supports either headphones or a microphone or both combined in a headset
The system can detect if a jack is plugged in but not what type of device is plugged in

The audio jack can be retasked to disable the headphone connection so the jack only works as a microphone input
you may need to install package alsa-tools to get the tool hdajackretask to disable the headphone output

use this command to show audio input and output connections

sudo hdajackretask

find the connection for the Headphone output and change to ‘not connected’

retask headphones

click Install boot override

and reboot system so the override is loaded

Thanks! I’ve installed it, but seems like I can’t execute the script. If I run the program as a sudo (as you said above) I get this message: Failed to create the file "/root/.config/pulse/client.conf.U3AWW0": doesn't exist the file or directory. If I try to run the program as a normal user and then enter the password when pressing “Apply now” I get tee: /sys/class/sound/hwC1D0/reconfig: Device or resource busy.

BTW, does it change how it interact only with this external microphone or will my laptop also understand as an external mic the headphones if I plug them too? (they are also analog)