I have Manjaro installed, now I would like to install Windows

So my laptop has 2 SSDs and I’ve been running Manjaro on it for about 2 weeks. I wanted to install Windows 10 on the other one. Is that imposable? Do I have to clear both SSDs just to have a dual boot laptop? All the tutorials I’ve seen say that Windows needs to be installed first.

If it is possible and I’m just missing something, then know that after installing Windows 10 from the usb on that SSD the laptop refuses to boot into it, acting like there is nothing there. I can boot into my Manjaro SSD just like before, but not the other one. I have a thinkpad T430, and the SSDs are Kingston 2.5 inch SATA 3 - 480 GB.

Yes, you should install windows first, then shrink the partition to make space for linux.

Then follow the manjaro wiki for dual boot partitioning. Also make sure to use GPT partitioning scheme and not mix gpt and mbr.

Once done post here your system info, particularly your partitioning scheme.

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