I have Install the wrong GPU driver


I have install the wrong GPU driver and the result is a black screen.
With CTRL + ALT + F2 i come in login screen (terminal).

My question is, how i can uninstall the driver (video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-prime) from the terminal out ?

Whitch driver is the best for a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 ?


on console
mhwd -li
mhwd -l

The hybrid drivers are for laptops which can switch from intel to nvidia. The ‘video-nvidia’ is the actual unfree (nvidia) driver and with ‘video-linux’ it should use the free nouveau driver for your nvidia gpu.

The commands @Keruskerfuerst tells, show you which driver is installed ( -li ) and which could be installed on your system ( -l ).

If you want to play games the unfree drivers were preferred. For only office tasks the free drivers are enough. :grinning:

Also see the Manjaro Wiki.

Start here:

And if you need to, reference the wiki:

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