I have found an issue about kde-servicemenus-rootactions

I try to write an email to remind Ramon Buldó (ramon@manjaro.org) to check an issue about kde-servicemenus-rootactions.

Text are below:

Dear Ramon,

I have found an issue about rootactions-service-menu and sign it on Some functino not work -> Open in dolphin as root (#1) · Issues · LinuxDev / public / Rootactions service menu · GitLab. There are two tools can work fine and replace this. If you are still maintain, Can you make a change to this?

Thanks for your reading. Best wishes.

As recommended, I record a video to show the issue and post at Bilibili

What you “found” is not new


Was last compiled/packages in 2019, but Ramon is not the developer of it, just the packager, and writing him a direct email with this issue is totally inappropriate.

Then remove kde-servicemenus-rootactions and try them. With KDE 5.24, it should no longer be necessary, anyway. It’s been dropped from the Manjaro repos.

  1. Maybe it is not new, but I go to the repo there is not anything feedback to upsteam. So I try to make a issue to feedback. Though that has not been developed for a long time.
  2. I am not meaning to remind Ramon to fix that issue. Just to remind him to stop pack it into community because it need to fix. So I email him/her/it.
  3. If this is really totally inappropriate, I would like to apology. I really do not want to disturb any one or be disturbed. Any I believe a good feedback needed.
  4. Thank for reminding me it has been mark.

I have tried and tested all. So I think it is out-of-date. But I can not flag the package out-of-date like AUR. So I make this question. Thanks all the time.

If this removed, how to implement the same functionality in KDE 5.24?

Root Actions Servicemenu - KDE Store as linked in the repository package details. Make your feedback there, report issues there.

I use it and don’t see any reason to ask packager to stop packaging this tool.

What is not working for you exactly? What other tool are you talking about? Your posts are really not clear to me.

The package is not out of date, this is the last version as found on the KDE store.

@kearney As stated on the project’s page, “KDE Applications 17.04 release has disabled running kate (and dolphin) as root”. Apart from those actions, everything else works fine, except for deletion of multiple (over 20 or so) files. That’s based on my experience with these servicemenus, since I actively use only a limited set of actions like copying, moving/renaming, and deleting.
So to me it is clearly not a packaging issue.

Details have been described in that issue. If this only happens to me, then it is not an issue.

I don’t see anything but a screenshot of Chinese text in the issue you linked, you explain that you click on what is on the image so this is not possible to understand anything if you don’t read Chinese, which most people here don’t.

Thanks for bring new things. An wired thing is that I can run dolphin as root use a pllugin Open Dolphin as root. I search about KDE Applications 17.04 and notice the date is April 20, 2017. So if that stated on the project’s page is true, I can not run it as root now. But I do can, so I think it wired.

That is the point. I will edit it again with video.

this uses pkexec, but kde-servicemenus-rootactions uses one of this method (which one is found available first):

# Test for the working method to get root access on the host 
if ( `which kdesudo` ) {
	$SUCOMMAND = "$KDEBINPATH"."kdesudo -d --noignorebutton --"}
elsif ( `which kdesu` ) {
	$SUCOMMAND = "$KDEBINPATH"."kdesu -d -c"}
elsif ( `which xdg-su` ) {
        $SUCOMMAND = "xdg-su -c"}
else { $SUCOMMAND = "`kf5-config --path libexec`kf5/kdesu -c"}

If the other service menu is working for you then use that, and you can select in Dolphin Settings → Context Menu, which root action to enable/disable so you can remove what you don’t need or is not working.

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