I have black screen on all linux distro

amd rx560, im using AMD/ATI Pixel Clock Patcher

you can try booting the usb with this parameter:
here is a link where you add it

Hm, ok. Lets see.

Most problem with booting in black screen its a graphic driver issue.
Do you have installed more than one graphic cards in your system? For example one onboard and one dedicated graphic card!
If its so and you use only the dedicated craphic card you can try to disable the onboard in bios.

Also you can try to get into console (TTY) after booting to “black screen”. When you reach your “black screen” press CTRL+ALT+F2. If a login appears you can try to login with “manjaro” as username and pasword.

guys maybe i am using only hdmi cable, can its problem? i have 2 months ago vga and booted all great

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i thinking hdmi problem … i usin amd rx560 4gb
pls help guys

Did you try to power on your monitor?

Not trying to be funny on purpose, but more like sarcasm, but with so little info there is nothing more anyone could say to help… :woman_shrugging:

yes ,also changed many times to start hdmi but black screen, monitor not disabling,just black screen

i said yes but not working

And i provided 2 links you should read and act upon accordingly…

Saying that something does not work without providing output, or that you don’t want to spend time reading some documentation and only want a solution is not going to take you far, as the community volunteers are not paid workers and the forum is not to be used as a commercial support service. Having said that manjaro has no control over the quality of the answers.

how i can provide system information when desktop not showing up ? :)))))))))))) kidding me ? i said rx560 4gb with hdmi port,i39100f ,asus prime h310m r2.0 , monitor s22f350

Do you know why my system works as it does?
No right? Because my system is different as yours…

Same with your problem, we can not help without details about your system and problem…

Boot from a Live-USB to get info.

Boot your system using a live USB - any live system will do - then it will be easier for you to deduct if it is your hardware which has failed you.

not working man nooooo :)) dont working anything , only grub loader showing up


Then we cant help :vulcan_salute:

i will try start ubuntu with rendered gpu ,if started…

Then press e at the loader - then add 3 to the kernel commandline and press F10 to boot.

I guess you mean to add e or emergency because we are not using SysV but systemd :wink:
Although they might have the same effect not sure… :woman_shrugging: