I have a problem after using wine

I am very happy to move in Manjaro Linux
I have a problem after using wine for install Adobe Photoshop CS2 install work every think
but when i open Photoshop CS2 The device enters a state of freezing, and I do not know the reason. It is harmful to close the device and restart it. I am a web developer and I need to Photoshop

Hello @samehjacobs and welcome :wink:

Then take my advice seriously: Adobe Software runs like garbage on Linux with wine. Use a virtual machine like VirtualBox, Gnome-Boxes, etc. with Windows on it. It is not worth the headache.

If you really want to move fully to Linux, then there is GIMP or Krita etc., well I am not a web developer, but for web development GIMP is a good alternative, but the downside is that you have to relearn because there are essential differences.

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If you know how to use Google, you will probably find some help on GitHub… like if people on Linux already have solutions for that. Not sure of the legality of this or this on GitHub, so I’ll let you search…

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Thank you for your support and excellent response. I have another question. How can I make sure that the current version is compatible with my laptop?

If you mean Manjaro, then, well, there is never a 100% valid answer. You can do some checking by going to https://linux-hardware.org/ or looking on the Internet to see if others have the same laptop. There are also online stores that have laptops with Linux preinstalled, like Manjaro’s partner: https://manjaro.org/hardware/

But you can only be completely sure if you install it and check functionality.

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