I get error: failed to synchronize all databases (invalid or corrupted database (PGP signature))

I tried following multiple other threads about the same issue:

But nothing worked for me,
when I do pamac update
I get :

Cloning librewolf-bin build files...
Generating librewolf-bin information...
Checking librewolf-bin dependencies...
Synchronizing package databases...
Refreshing sublime-text.db...                                              
Error: sublime-text.db: sublime-text: signature from "Sublime HQ Pty Ltd <support@sublimetext.com>" is unknown trust
invalid or corrupted database (PGP signature)
Failed to synchronize databases
Error: Failed to prepare transaction: invalid or corrupted database

Edit build files : [e] 
Apply transaction ? [e/y/N] y

Transaction cancelled.

Hi @deimos,

I believe you can continue, that there is no real risk. See

Hope this helps!

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