I found a bug in manjaro-pacnew-checker "Meld"

Hi All,
I don’t know where exactly to report a bug but thought this was the best place for it.
If it’s not, please let me know where I should have posted this.
I am also assuming that you should report a bug when you find one.

I found a bug in


aka “Meld”.

When you’re in the “View and Merge” section, if you select “Save As” from the drop down menu, it freezes.

I am running KDE and have been able to repeat this problem.

It happens regardless of whether or not you have already moved over the new sections to the left and saved that file with the icon atop the file or simply gone directly to “Save As”.

You are conflating things.
meld is its own application.
manjaro-pacnew-checker is more or less a utility script that uses meld, gvfs, and yad to duplicate the functionality of pacdiff in a “more user-friendly”/automatically-hard-configured/GUI way.
(while still relying on pacdiff to find and report the files)

On to the issue at hand…

I can neither reproduce this using the ‘original’ (which in my case was using meld and sudoedit)

pacdiff -s

Nor can I reproduce it using manjaro-pacnew-checker (which was using meld and gvfs)


And of course meld on its own seems fine as well.

FYI, there’s no reason to use the Save As function at all. Just close Meld when you’re done making changes and it will prompt to save the file that changed.

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Yup, I figured that out by trial and error.

Very odd that it always freezes on me and yet you can’t reproduce it.
I’m wondering if anyone else has also experienced the same issue?