I don't understand what Optimus-manager i have/is available for users(AUR or Community)

a few months ago Manjaro decided to stop supporting Optimus-Manager so installed the one from the AUR:


today i got an update notice:

The package is no longer in the Manjaro repos, so by definition, your update will have come from the AUR.

pamac keeps track of the versions of installed packages, regardless of whether they were installed from the repo or from the AUR — if the AUR is enabled, pamac will check for updates there too.

Edit: I have just been informed that optimus-manager was added back to the repos today. It did not show up for me as such yet, but your mileage may differ. :thinking:


so should i uninstall the one i have and reinstall the one from the repos?or no need for that since i got the update anyways?

You could, but it wouldn’t make any difference, as long as the version numbers are the same.

The one difference of course is that the one from the AUR has to be built into binary code first, while the one from the repos is a precompiled package. :wink:

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the version number doesn’t look the same to me; the one from the repos is 1.4+r12-1(git version).

Then use the 1.4-4 from the AUR. Would it make a huge difference? :man_shrugging:

i guess not,
but in general I’d rather have less AUR packages and also follow what the Distro’s doing.
so i will just reinstall.

@oberon has packaged optimus-manager and optimus-manager-plasma for the default Manjaro KDE edition for the Slimbook Titan.

Unless you’re using KDE, you won’t want optimus-manager-plasma as it’s compiled with the WITH_PLASMA=ON Cmake flag. You can still use optimus-manager-qt from the AUR otherwise.

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