I don't see network places - nautilus

Hi. i am using manjaro gnome with kernel version 5.17.1 -3.

In the file browser (nautilus) - other places - network. I don’t see all the available places in my home network.I have to enter the repository address manually. For example, smb://ip/nas

how to fix this problem? thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face:

What does your smb.conf look like? Have you run testparm in terminal to see if there is an issue? Is nautilus-share (extension) installed? There really isn’t a lot to work with here in attempting to solve the issue.

Take a look here:

thank you, i didn’t know where to look for the problem. I have now installed the nautilus-share application. I still can’t see network places. Samba works for me because I can connect to a shared disk (hdd) if I enter “smb://ip/nas” manually.

I did not create the file: /etc/samba/smb.conf. Should I create this file manually? Thank you

I followed the instructions
if I try to share a folder in the nautilus I have this error: “net usershare” returned error 255

There is a fix on the AUR for that:

pamac build nautilus-share-git

Seems it is not fixed upstream and will be not, since the extension is unmaintained und read-only.

Also since SMB2, there is no discover function anymore. SMB1 is deprecated and known to have serous security issues (just WannaCry to be mentioned).

So the preferred way is now to type the correct domain or IP. However, you can enable this service, do discover Samba Share via NetBIOS:

sudo systemctl enable --now nmb.service

If you have manjaro-settings-samba installed, that will create a default smb.conf. You will need to read the samba documentation to configure to your liking, eg. in Global section:
client min protocol = SMB2

With nautilus-share, if it is similar to thunar-shares-plugin…have you right clicked on folder(s) that you would like to share and chosen something to the effect of “share this folder”?

Check ownership of the folder(s) that you are trying to share. Make sure that folder(s) are owned by you as user and not owned by root.

See also similar post:

It maybe already running but make sure the avahi-daemon is running on your system.