I don't know which video drivers to install

hello i would like to know which video driver to install on my desktop computer, it has an amd ryzen 3 processor and brings integrated graphics which is the amd vega 8. i go into configuration and there are some drivers to install, one is called video-vesa and the other is called video modesseting. i just installed the 2 and when i rebooted i did not load the desktop environment, the cursor remained loaded, and i had to uninstall them. is it necessary to install any of them or only with the video linux would my pc work well?

You already have the video-linux drivers installed, there’s nothing to do. That’s the amdgpu driver provided by the kernel. Revert what you just did. You figured out how to break it, I’m sure you can figure out how to fix it. :wink:


yes i solved it, that was the question if i had to install more drivers. thank you very much anyway.

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