I don't have swap?

In /etc/fstab I notice I don’t have a swap memory.
According to this url: Swap - Manjaro
I should see if I have a swap memory if I type the command in terminal:


However this command does not return anything. does this mean I don’t have a swap memory? Or does it mean I edited some settings incorrectly?

there are several ways to know the status of the swap memory
cat /proc/swaps
swapon -s
free -m


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You can establish a swap partition or a swap file acc. to the guide(s):

At the moment you do not seem to have a swap partition.

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systemd can find the necessary partition when they have the correct partition type uuid

A systemd based system can boot even you don’t have the partitions defined as long as the partition types are set correctly e.g. using cgdisk

  • efi partition -> 0xef00
  • linux x86_64 root (/) -> 0x8304
  • swap -> 0x8200
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I downloaded and configured an automated Swap Management with systemd-swap

the command swapon now gives me:

NAME                           TYPE SIZE USED PRIO
/var/lib/systemd-swap/swapfc/1 file 256M 3.8M   50

however lynis still thinks I don’t have a swap because it’s not defined in fstab