I’d like to use Nord VPN on Manjaro

I’d like to use Nord Vpn on Manjaro. Unfortunately Manjaro OS is not officially supported by Nord Vpn, because it is a community-based distro. (this is what the Nord Vpn guys told me, I know, it is a pity).

I have seen this option (and also some others):

What about this?

I have seen also this other topic:

Can you please help me out. Given the popularity of NordVPn I think a “how-to” tutorial for beginners would be very appreciated. I haven’t found it in the forum so far.

Thank you

Hi @mzoli,

I think this is a very good article about it. And since it’s the Arch wiki, I think it’s accurate and applies to Manjaro.


IIRC @linux-aarhus also uses Nord VPN, so chances are he knows more than me about the subject.

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There is a package called nordconnect in the AUR — it depends on openvpn. You can try that, along with the tutorial by @linux-aarhus. :arrow_down:

pamac build nordconnect

… or…

yay -S nordconnect
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Or you use Surfshark VPN which is more or less in the same company umbrella as Nord and you have 100% supuport as we are partners and have the graphical UI in our official repositories. Your subscription would even support the Manjaro project, as we get a cut of the sales.


Hi guys,
it is always amazing to see quick support from you.

I tried a bit, and in the end I had success with this:

The steps are simple and it is just necessary to change the “apt-get” with the proper “pamac” for Manjaro. Not sure if using openvpn is the best setup, but it works.

My 2 cents: you could install the package from AUR (en) - nordvpn-bin and on the command line you can enable Wireguard (What is NordLynx? | NordVPN support) with

nordvpn set technology NORDLYNX