I’d like to use Nord VPN on Manjaro

I’d like to use Nord Vpn on Manjaro. Unfortunately Manjaro OS is not officially supported by Nord Vpn, because it is a community-based distro. (this is what the Nord Vpn guys told me, I know, it is a pity).

I have seen this option (and also some others):

What about this?

I have seen also this other topic:

Can you please help me out. Given the popularity of NordVPn I think a “how-to” tutorial for beginners would be very appreciated. I haven’t found it in the forum so far.

Thank you

Hi @mzoli,

I think this is a very good article about it. And since it’s the Arch wiki, I think it’s accurate and applies to Manjaro.


IIRC @linux-aarhus also uses Nord VPN, so chances are he knows more than me about the subject.

My post was the old comment split from the original thread [root tip] [How To] NordVPN on Manjaro by @linux-aarhus


There is a package called nordconnect in the AUR — it depends on openvpn. You can try that, along with the tutorial by @linux-aarhus. :arrow_down:

pamac build nordconnect

… or…

yay -S nordconnect
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Or you use Surfshark VPN which is more or less in the same company umbrella as Nord and you have 100% supuport as we are partners and have the graphical UI in our official repositories. Your subscription would even support the Manjaro project, as we get a cut of the sales.


Hi guys,
it is always amazing to see quick support from you.

I tried a bit, and in the end I had success with this:

The steps are simple and it is just necessary to change the “apt-get” with the proper “pamac” for Manjaro. Not sure if using openvpn is the best setup, but it works.

My 2 cents: you could install the package from AUR (en) - nordvpn-bin and on the command line you can enable Wireguard (What is NordLynx? | NordVPN support) with

nordvpn set technology NORDLYNX

NordVpn no longer suppots openvpn login unless you have “security key” which you cant get without logging into your email, which you dont want to do without a vpn.
worked about 2 hours with backend support and they confirmed: only email verification AFTER login in non-vpn mode to get security key

they said, as of the 27th.

if you don’t like it, send an email

I’d suggest if they Nord won’t support Manjaro, use something else, like Mullvad, they are very big on privacy, but don’t make you jump through a lot of hoops.

I do use Nord VPN - no issues

There is two things to remember when using NordVPN

  • Nord VPN seems to expect systemd-resolved as resolver
  • It also relies on wireguard-tools

A default Manjaro installation uses openresolv - which causes NordVPN to fail when the connection is shutdown.

The aforementioned Arch wiki article links back to [root tip] [How To] NordVPN on Manjaro in the troubleshooting section of NordVPN - ArchWiki

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Odd considering they already have a section right there on their own wiki for setting up systemd-resolved.


I use nordvpn without problems on manjaro, unfortunately the official nordvpn-bin does not work with firejail.

I wrote my own custom script (it’s not perfect, but gets the job done) to retrieve the best servers from nordvpn and then use openvpn to run the tunnel. I will share it later because my laptop is broken now.

please note that since a couple of weeks you need to use a custom password you can get when you login to the nordvpn website. I may write a tutorial about this later and share my bash script too.

nordnm (cli) worked last time I checked

Nord VPN is a good name I have used it and had a great experience.

yeah I used that one before too before, but I had created my own bash too but it’s so bugged it does not always work .

if you want to use nordvpn on linux, follow the steps below:

Step 1)
Find the best NordVPN server for your VPN location; go to this website:

Step 2)
click “Show available protocols”

Step 3)
Download config from OpenVPN TCP/UDP

Step 4)
In networkmanager (click wifi/internet icon) → VPN connections → Configure VPN … → From dropdown menu choose: Import a saved VPN coniguration → Create … → Select the config you just downloaded from the NordVPN website.

Step 5) configure it with your username and password. Mind you that it’s not your email address and password, since a couple of weeks nordvpn changed this to more generic usernames and passwords. You can find it when you login to nordvpn.

thats it. goodluck.

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