I can't use accents in browsers

after the last update I can’t use accents like ç or ã while typing in the browser, I’ve tested them all and have the same problem, the strange thing is that in programs like skateboarding and others I can use the accents normally, does anyone have any idea what it is and how to solve it?

Nobody has any idea what it could be? I tried to configure the keyboard and it didn’t work

Try this… :arrow_down:

I didn’t understand what I should do, can you explain it to me?

The instructions are on the thread I linked to.

start at the beginning:
check what is in the file
use any editor to have a look - run it as root if you want or need to make changes
look at the very end as well - the installer puts it’s values there
“#” marks at the beginning of a line mean that they are “commented out” - those lines will not be considered in the next step:
generating the locales you want/need
sudo locale-gen
… that’s basically all there is to it